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2/F Banquet Hall  With its coverage of about 2,200 square meters, it is the best place to hold a press conference for various large-scale new product or movie launchings or full scale exhibitions. The banquet hall is a perfect venue for customized weddings services with beautiful surroundings that provide memories for a lifetime.

2/F Outdoor Plaza  Outdoor Plaza is located on the second floor level and is adjacent to the Pearl River on the eastern side. The Outdoor plaza boasts a visual angle of 360 degrees. The backdrop of the plaza is Canton Tower and the other side of the Pearl River is Hai Xin Sha and Huacheng Plaza. The Outdoor Plaza is a popular venue in Guangzhou, which is excellent to host themed parties, exhibitions, car shows, weddings, international concerts and events.

3/F Multi-Function Hall   The versatile exhibition area on the 3 floor is wonderful for personalized styles of exhibitions and conferences.

5-6/F  Multi-Function Conference Rooms The space, the settings and the style of the multi-Function conference rooms varies. The conference rooms can provide advanced multifunctional equipments for conferences and superb conference service, which can satisfy commercial conferences, news conferences, small-scale parties. The multi-function


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