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How can 600-meter-high Canton Tower protect against hurricane and earthquake? The answer can be explored in the Science and Technology Marvel Tour Hall at the 109th and 110th floors, the exhibition hall for the enthusiasts of Green Environmental Technology. The state-of-the-art Tower Motion Damper System, with fire service water ballast tanks as a damper effect, becomes effective if the vibration is excessive in the event of an earthquake or strong wind. The Otis Super Double Carriage Hi-Speed Lifts elevate at speed of 5 meters per second and its protection system will be activated when the vibration or wind force is over reference/normal ranges. The State-of-the-art technologies of Solar Panel Energy Power Generation System, Wind Power Generation System, Rain Water Recycling System Structure and Healthy Check and Monitoring System (which monitors wind force, temperature, humidity, tower vibration and the structure rate of sinking), have made great contributions to the construction of Canton Tower.


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