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Most of the TV towers in history gave people the same general impression, which is usually about the shape and the height. The invariable shape of a tower has always been “wide at the bottom and narrow at the top”, which the people have been accustomed with. The visitors look forward to experiencing a brand new concept and breakthrough in Tower construction design.

At exactly the time when Canton Tower showed its appearance to the world, its fresh and refined impression has attracted worldwide attention. Unlike some designers who turn their understanding of Chinese culture into some traditional symbolic elements, Mark Hemel, the designer of Canton Tower, interpreted the oriental charm in a more amiable manner. The original shape of Canton Tower is a beautiful and elegant lady with a slim figure, and such a unique shape was inspired by the bones of human hip joint. In order to create slenderness and softness of a female, Mark tied the two oval wooden trays up by elastic rubber ropes to form a three-dimensional sculpt. When he rotated the ellipse at the top by 45 degree, a marvelous shape which resembles a fried dough twist appeared. And that’s the inspiration of Canton Tower – a fair lady twists her waist while looking behind.




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